How Do You Fix a Dent in a Metal Garage Door?

How Do You Fix a Dent in a Metal Garage Door?

Metal garage doors are very popular and have become the norm for most homes. They offer advantages such as durability and low maintenance. If you’re a homeowner, you want your garage doors to last a long time and those features help guarantee just that.


However,if there is one thing that can be considered as a major drawback to metal garage doors, it’s the fact that they are easily dented. It’s unfortunate but you need to realize that it comes with choosing that specific material for your garage door.


So what can you do about it? Just how do you fix a dent in a metal garage door? There are several methods to fix the problem, but here’s one that some professionals use to do it:


  • Prepare a mallet and a wood block.


  • Using soap and water, wash the dented surface thoroughly.


  • Go to the opposite side of the dent.


  • Make sure to place the wood block exactly over the dent.


  • Using the mallet, tap the dented area until it becomes flush with the surrounding panels.


For deep dents, it obviously needs to be smoothed out. It can be achieved by using grit sandpaper and auto body filler. Exterior paint coats can also be added to the surface after it has dried.

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