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Different materials used in garage doors

Replacing your garage door is just one of those inevitable things about your home. At some point in your life as a homeowner, it’s bound to happen. How can it not when the garage door is one of the most used and abused parts of your home?

However, an old and worn-out garage door is not the only reason to replace it. Homeowners also do it because they want to increase the overall value of their homes for whatever reason. They might want to sell it or they might just want to increase its aesthetic appeal.

When you’re already at the point where you need to replace your garage door, there are several decisions that you need to make. One of those is to carefully choose the material that your garage door will be made of. So you’ll base your decision on not just the aesthetic aspect but other factors as well. And among those is the material that’s used.

Check out some of the different materials used in garage doors, then:


Steel garage doors are among the popular types of garage doors. The best version of this type of garage door is constructed from two layers of galvanized steel. And the surface of the door is either infused with a composite material or painted using a tough topcoat finish. Steel garage doors are available with or without insulation and can be painted to match the look and color of your home. They are relatively low maintenance but they do have their downsides. Steel doors are prone to dents and corrosion.


Aluminum is also a good choice for material in garage doors because it’s lightweight and there is no issue with rust. The fact that it’s lightweight makes it great for extra-wide double doors. However, they are usually easier to suffer from dents. The good news is that the newer models are built heavier and sturdier than previous ones were. They’re available in many colors and contemporary brushed finishes.


Fiberglass is an excellent choice for garage doors. It does not dent or crack as easily as the other materials. It’s also very malleable and that makes it very good at being able to mimic other materials. There are no issues with rust but you need to be aware that it can break upon impact.


When it comes to aesthetic value, nothing can beat wood garage doors. However, that comes with a price as it’s a more costly option than some. It is made from layers or plies. This will help prevent warping. Wood garage doors do not last as long as other materials and demand constant refinishing.


Wooden composite garage doors usually have a wooden frame that’s covered in fiberboard sheets. If you want higher-quality models, then those offer more realistic details as well as high-density fiberboard skin. It is also easily customizable and can achieve nearly the same feeling as real wood. Garage doors made from this material also weigh less and are more budget-friendly.

If you are at a point where you need to replace your garage door, then you need to research and learn your options. It’s important to learn the different materials used in garage doors so you can make an informed decision! Call us right away at garage door digital marketing.

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