How To Remove a Garage Door Spring Safely?

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Remove a Garage Door Spring Safely

These springs give power and direction. The spring’s energy lifts the door when the motor turns on. The motor can push the springs lower by pushing them down.

The springs must be calibrated correctly to make the system function. The springs must be calibrated correctly to make the system work.

These springs rarely cause any problems. Springs may burst from time to time and will need to be replaced.

Replacing a Torsion Spring

Call a professional to have it replaced.

This is because springs are held under tension. Safety helmets, protective eyewear, and gloves are essential.

This method replaces torsion springs.

It is important to ensure you have the correct replacement springs. You must measure the length of your springs to ensure that you do not use the wrong replacement. Contact our Experts at Garage Door Repair Wake Forest NC

Unplug the motor assembly, and then let the garage door open

Position your springs on the left and right sides of your door. Measure your torsion shafts.

Unwind the spring using the right equipment Take care not to damage the spring. A winding rod should measure at least 18 inches.

Here, the torsion hardware is removed and replaced by new springs. After that, the torsion pole can be repositioned and the springs adjusted at the correct level.

You can find step-by-step instructions on many websites. Do not attempt to replace the springs on your garage doors.

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